Code 9730106

Model HST-002

Serie 973

Safety tool for removing the frontal glass from the USOA entrance panel. This tool is essential for the safe removal of the fronts. Do not use other tools, such as screwdrivers or punches, there is a high risk of causing irreversible damage to the USOA front panels, which are made of tempered glass.

USOA is the Alcad entrance panel with a continuous profile and modular composition. It consists of frames of different sizes and with different numbers of windows where the different modules are fitted: as main audio or video module, push-button modules, iaccess module, card holders ... etc. There are two module sizes: P and G. The G modules occupy 2 frame windows, and the P modules occupy a single window.

Its modularity allows total freedom of choice for the creation of compositions and, at the same time, facilitates the integration of all technologies in the same equipment and with the same aesthetics.

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