Modular amplifiers for terrestrial TV

IF AMPLIFIER, 0/13/18 VDC, 0/22 KHz

Code 9050116

Model ZF-712

Serie 905

IF broadband amplifier for one polarity which amplifies the IF band from an LNB and mixes the terrestrial TV signal coming from the rest of the equipment. It feeds the LNB with the power voltage and 22 KHz signal required to obtain the desired polarity.

SMATV installations requiring the distribution of one satellite polarity together with the rest of the terrestrial TV channels. The distribution is made in the terrestrial TV band and the satellite IF band. Especially appropriate for bouquets which have all their transponders in a singe polarity.

This module is compatible with the rest of the range of 905-ZG TV equipment. It allows the distribution of the terrestrial TV and satellite signals in a unified form from a single piece of equipment.

Technical specifications

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