A perfect system for replenishments, avoiding possible connection errors

ALCAD's 2 WIRES non-polarized technology consists of an audio and / or video bus intercom based on a 2-wire infrastructure that allows the use of the cables of any installation (perfect for replenishment). Being non-polarized, it avoids possible connection errors, therefore facilitating the installation and accelerating its start-up, even in the changes from audio door entry systems to video intercom.

By having the largest variety of entrance panels and indoor units (monitors and handsets), it allows you to choose the aesthetics that best suit the needs of each situation.

The system allows up to 96 dwellings (with monitors and / or handsets) and up to 6 access points with push-button panels, and up to 2,000 dwellings using keypads.

The robustness and versatility of the system is wide since it allows installations through distributors and tap-offs or even in cascade.

Likewise, terminal programming is done from the main board for greater comfort.



  • Wiring: 2 non-polarized wires, flexible topology.
  • Cable types:
    • Parallel 2x1mm2 ALCAD Optimized CAB-307.
    • Common Parallel (2x1mm2, 2x0,5mm2…).
    • Twisted pair.
    • UTP CAT5.
    • Replacing of a doorbell (2 wires).
    • 4+N cable
      Note: Performance may vary depending on the cable used. Recommended cable: Parallel 2x1mm2 ALCAD Optimized CAB-307.
  • Max. distance outdoor entrance panel to indoor unit: 600 metres.
  • No. of homes: 1,500.
  • Terminal connections: 2 unpolarized wires. Possibility of connection in derivation or cascade (from housing to housing).
  • Supply voltage: 18Vcc.


New ACTIVE VIEW technology: colours as you had never seen before

Our new iVANDAL, Línea 201 and iBLACK entrance panel cameras offer astonishing quality, even in conditions of backlighting, glare and sudden changes in brightness thanks to their WDR function.

Its color and sharpness are so incredible that it will be difficult to stop looking. Get to know it in depth!


Monitors and handsets:

At ALCAD we offer an extensive range of housing terminals. From the traditional handsets for bidirectional audio communication, to the current hands-free indoor units, up to 7 inches under 2-WIRES technology and compatible with all our ranges of entrance panel: iVANDAL, iBLACK, 201 Line and CUSTOM.

2-wire concierge (audio):

The digital concierge system with audio is based on a 2-wire bus compatible with the 201 Line range of entrance panels.

📦   DES products

iVANDAL: definitely, the entrance panel

iVANDAL: definitely, the entrance panel

The vandal-proof entrance panels range by ALCAD is the best option if you are looking for a durable and reliable solution that suits all needs: sturdy on the outside and adaptable and intelligent on the inside.

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iBLACK: the modular and daring range

iBLACK: the modular and daring range

iBLACK se distingue par ses lignes épurées, son profil en aluminium continu et une façade en polycarbonate ignifugée,  résistante aux UV, garantissant une grande résistance aux intempéries. Sa couleur noire, caractéristique de toute la gamme de plaques de rue iBLACK, se combine parfaitement avec n'importe quelle surface.


iBLACK: the modular and daring range
201 Line: the modular aluminum entrance panel

201 Line: the modular aluminum entrance panel

201 Line is integrated by a catalogue of products that includes audio and video intercoms, entrance panels with keypad or RFID readers, guard units... compatible with 2-WIRES, DIGITAL or 4 + N systems and our wide range of indoor units. Clear and defined lines, aluminum profiles and a timeless design that is resistant to adverse atmospheric conditions define 201 Line by ALCAD, designed and manufactured 100% in Spain to the highest standards.

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CUSTOM, made-to-measure entrance panels

CUSTOM, made-to-measure entrance panels

CUSTOM is our range of outdoor entrance panels with vandal proof design and full custom made manufacturing. Customization is focused not only in number of buttons, but panel size and laser marking too. These entrance panels are manufactured in Spain in stainless steel of maximum quality AISI-316L with a thickness of 2.5mm which makes them an ideal element to withstand wear and tear from intensive use and the most adverse weather conditions.

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CUSTOM, made-to-measure entrance panels
iACCESS: access control system using proximity readers

iACCESS: access control system using proximity readers

iACCESS is an access control system through proximity readers integrated in our entrance panels, which allows access to the facilities by using electronic keys, avoiding the use of traditional keys or memorizing access codes.

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