The most extensive and complete range of room elements for nursing homes on the market

ALCAD manufactures the entire range of room terminals and peripherals from its catalogue in Spain. This allows you to benefit from the most extensive and complete range of room elements on the market (see terms).

Elements of a room:

  • ROOM TERMINALS. They are notable for their high-quality, flat capacitive keypads which facilitate their cleaning. They control multiple types of room peripherals and handle different types of calls. Other features:
    • Wireless connection via cable or via WiFi (CIC models).
    • Room terminals with audio: full duplex two-way hands-free voice communication.
    • Room terminals without audio (CHC-129).
    • Room terminals with antimicrobial treatment (CHC-234)
    • Direct peripheral connection via terminals.
    • Connection with intelligent peripherals via RS-485 bus.
    • Optional PoE in CHC-23x.
  • PERIPHERALS. This refers to all those components that are connected to the room terminal to assess or act on signals captured in the room: wall buttons, nurse call handsets, bathroom handles, luminous or signalling Mifare RFID readers, sensors, wireless buttons and receivers and wired sensors. One of its great advantages is the possibility of combining them in the same room.
    Passive peripherals are notable for their simplicity and for the wide range that ALCAD offers to the market: square, rectangular, anti-vandal, sensors and wireless push-buttons.
    Bus peripherals are notable for their easy installation and intelligence, saving up to 50% in labour time.


  • FIXED AND MOBILE. At each control point, calls and alerts may be received from rooms, areas of refuge or adapted restrooms/dressing rooms. The elements that make up these control points can be fixed or mobile: IP phones, DECT phones or smartphones. 
  • COMPATIBLE SYSTEM. The system is compatible with other SIP and PBX terminals, and may be integrated with the same.

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