Code 9800166

Model PTD-60201

Serie 980

iVANDAL entrance panel for 2-wire video door entry system installations. The voice synthesizer module RVE-021, handicap module RVE-022 and video unit TCB-473 are included. This panel has 2 call push-buttons arranged in 2 columns.

9770067 RVE-021 Description
Module with loudspeaker and microphone for entrance panel. It has an 8 ohm speaker with plastic membrane to prevent deterioration over time in outdoor conditions. Also, the robustness of the electret-type microphone against humidity and heat make this module a virtually indestructible assembly. Voice synthesizer with ''Door open'' message configurable in 14 languages.

9770066 RVE-022 Description
IVANDAL entrance panel module that provides visual information of each one of the operating states (calling, conversation, open door and busy system). Luminous icons complying with the accessibility regulations SUA-9 (Edification Technician Code) and following ONCE foundation recommendations.

9640019 TCB-473 Description
Color camera module to be mounted in iVANDAL entrance panel. This module is the element in charge of capturing the image of the person making the call. It has white LEDs for night lighting. To be used in 2-wire video door entry systems

Entrance panel
- Construction in stainless steel AISI316L 2,5 mm thickness, with special vandal proof screws.
- 100% flat surface, without protrusions.
- Card holders, and camera and handicap icons front screens of 6mm thickness.
- Protection against impacts up to rate: IK09.
- Attractive, professional and ''Made in Spain'' finishing.
- Customization option with building name / address / installer information.
- Handicap module with voice synthesizer with 14 selectable languages for ''open door'' message. It includes the possibility of mute mode.
- iACCESS optional. Comfort and distinction for owners and tenants.

Technical specifications

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