Multiband amplifiers


Code 9040156

Model DA-603

Serie 904

Broadband distribution amplifier for terrestrial TV (117 dBuV). It has a gain control and variable slope control. It amplifies the return path from 5 to 65 MHz. Fed by a external power supply model FF-200 (included with the amplifier). The input and output test points permit checking and adjusting the installation with no need to disconnect the TV signal.

It can be used as a distribution amplifier in large installations or cable networks. It can also be used as a line amplifier in small cable networks. These installations usually have long runs of cable that attenuate and unbalance the signal, with higher frequency channels being more attenuated. Distribution amplifiers compensate this loss by mens of the slope control, while amplifying the signal and adding as little noise as possible.

Made from zamak and galvanised steel plates to provide maximum shielding. Input and output connectors on opposite sides to facilitate installation. F-type connectors.

Technical specifications

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