Modular amplifiers for terrestrial TV


Code 9120126

Model CB-400

Serie 912

Combiner amplifier with 10 inputs in the terrestrial band. Combines and amplifies 10 groups of filtered channels separately, obtaining an output of up to 100 amplified channels with a very reduced level of noise, equivalent to that of fewer than 10 channels. Equipped with a separate gain control for each input.

Large collective installations of digital or analogue terrestrial TV with a high number of channels (from 30 channels upwards), which require amplification and the least noise possible. Compatible with all collective TV installations in the terrestrial band. Ideal for installations with a high number of modulators.

One of the main features of the equipment is its exceptional response to noise in installations of up to 100 channels, due to filtering and independent amplification by groups of channels. Shielded zamak chassis with plastic supports. F-type connectors. Power supply connector is 9.5 x 2.1 mm jack.

Technical specifications

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