IP room terminals


Code 9400303

Model CIC-231

Serie 940

The intercommunication central unit is the main element of ACCUROrefugium system, and is in charge of generating an bidirectional full duplex audio communication between the user and one or multiple security or guard staff inside a building. The device is designed 100% IP and allows to connect a light element which warns the security staff about a call in progress (“someone asks for help”), and a call cancellation button for easy an fast access.

Designed to be installed in shelter areas, allows the hands free communication of disabled people with reduced mobility with a guard or security staff and ask for help to be evacuated in case of fire in a building (no lifts are allowed and only stairs must be used). This intercommunication central unit belongs to ACCUROrefugium system, which complies with Spanish building regulations DB-SI 3 included in CTE (Código Técnico de Edificación) mandatory since December 2017. ACCUROrefugium integrates, without additional investment, WC emergency pull cords, SOS buttons and sensors for public WC, wardrobes or public áreas inside any building (for instance: shopping malls, schools, universities, sports stadiums, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, hotels, bars, pubs, hospitals, nursing homes, etc), which also complies with Spanish building regulations DB-SUA9 included in CTE.

Designed specifically to meet needs of durability and reliability required in buildings, the device has an “ultra-slim” and robust mechanical design that fits both surface and flush mounting on the wall. Thanks to its capacitive and flat keyboard, it is easy to clean too. The surface of the device is compatible with aggressive cleaning products used for disinfection of material in buildings. It has a high quality capacitive panel with backlight that allows staff and users to activate the call even while wearing gloves. It incorporates an LCD screen with information on the status of the device, events and active alarms in area. Based on VoIP technology and thanks to the connection to a data network through its RJ45 connector, it can intercommunicate with other devices in the same building, acting as a control station when the security staff is not present in the control center.

Technical specifications

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