Multiband amplifiers


Discontinued product

Code 9040150

Model CA-320

Serie 904

Head-end broadband amplifier with three inputs and two outputs. It has two UHF inputs and another input for BI/FM/BIII/DAB. The two outputs have the same output level, with a maximum of 110 dBµV, and facilitate the creation of star-shaped distributions using splitters.

UHF1 input can power 24V preamplifiers with up to 60 mA. The installer can easilly switch the preamplifier power on and off.

The amplifier is powered with an external power supply, included with the product. It is also sold sepparately as FF-300 as a spare part, to be used for maintainance or repairs.

Its zamak chassis provides the amplifier with maximum shielding, while also making it very robust. The F-type connections also allow for minimum load mismatch and maximum shielding.

Technical specifications

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