Code 9690035

Model LPR-010

Serie 969

iACCESS Keys proximity reader. (Flush box not included) (suplementary CCA-004 required but not included)

iACCESS is an Access Control System based in Proximity RF Readers that are integrated in our 2 wire Door Phone entrance panels. Thus the system grants access to the users by means of electronic keys avoiding standard metal ones or even code memorizing.

Different key holders can access different locations of the facility, depending on the given total or partial access. iACCESS can encode keys that let access only temporally for instance during summer season (pool cleaners, lifeguards) or only during some specific hours (gardeners only during the morning). The system lets you form all these options like creating new keys for new users, cancelling lost ones and many other options very quick and easy using our website based application at

iACCESS offers convenience to the users as well as security and control on the people that access the facility for maintenance, etc... many common areas like: Roof, Terrace, Pool, etc..

Entrance panel
- Construction in stainless steel AISI316L 2,5 mm thickness, with special vandal proof screws.
- 100% flat surface, without protrusions.
- Card holders, and camera and handicap icons front screens of 6mm thickness.
- Protection against impacts up to rate: IK09.
- IP55 protection from dust and low-pressure water jets from any direction.
- Attractive, professional and ''Made in Spain'' finishing.
- Customization option with building name / address / installer information.
- Handicap module with voice synthesizer with 14 selectable languages for ''open door'' message. It includes the possibility of mute mode.
- iACCESS optional. Comfort and distinction for owners and tenants.

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