Modular amplifiers for terrestrial TV

905-ZA SYSTEM WITH 5xZA-411 & PA-320

Code 9050142

Model ZA-905

Serie 905

Programmable amplifier system, with five programmable filter modules, broadband amplifier and power supply. A complete and fully assembled sysem will be supplied. The system has ten programmable filters, amplifier for the filters, band III and FM amplifier. Each filter is individually programmed to be set to one channel or one group of two to six channels. The level of the channels can be adjusted automatically or manually from the broadband amplifier of the equipment.

Medium-sized and large digital and analogue terrestrial MATV installations. For use in areas where reception is difficult, with considerable differences in level between the channels. Normally the channel group filtering is used with one analogue channel next to several digital channels.

Filters programmable by channel or frequency. Automatic gain adjustment. Filters remain highly stable in spite of variations in temperature. Automatic power supply from preamplifiers with protection against short circuits.

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