Conventional electronic video door entry systems

 Must I necessarily install a monitor in the house/flat?
You can install a monitor or a telephone, as you please. If you choose to install a telephone, you can use either the TES-001 or the TES-002 model.

 How many monitors or telephones can I use in an installation?
The only limit which must be respected is that the total number of monitors or telephones in the same house/flat, i.e. associated with the same call wire, should not be greater than 4. You can therefore connect, for example, 2 monitors and 2 telephones, or 1 monitor and 3 telephones. For installations where the number of monitors in the same house or flat is greater than 2, use an additional ALM-040 power supply unit.

 In video door entry systems with coaxial cable, which coaxial cable should I use for the video signal?
Use a coaxial cable with a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms.

 Can I connect any electric lock available on the market?
You can directly connect any 12 Vac electric lock if its consumption does not exceed 800 mA.

 In a factory, access is controlled by a system using a keypad. It is decided that an electronic video door entry system should be installed as well and that both systems should operate the same electric lock. Is this possible?
For this type of installation, use the APC-001 accessory, which will allow you to operate the electric lock from either of the two systems. Moreover, you will be able to activate electric locks using alternating or direct current.

 I have a video door entry system with coaxial cable. Is it possible to view the picture from the video unit on the television?
The output signal which is sent from the video unit to the monitors in houses and flats is a composite video signal. Therefore, a modulator can be used to modulate the signal in radio frequency to a television channel, transmitting and combining it with the other TV channels of the building.

 Is it necessary to load the unused outputs of the DIV-024 or of the DIV-124?
No. The unused outputs of this equipment are not loaded.

 What advantages does twisted pair offer compared to coaxial cable?
Twisted pair is more flexible and easier to handle than coaxial cable. Therefore, in situations where there is not enough space to pass coaxial cable, twisted pair is the best choice for carrying out video door entry installations.

 Is it necessary to load the unused outputs of the DIV-034 or of the DIV-134?
No. The unused outputs of this equipment are not loaded.

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