Fiber Optics


Code 9160001

Model OR-417

Serie 916

Optical receiver for analogue and digital TV signals, terrestrial and satellite. The equipment receives the terrestrial and satellite TV signals via single-mode optical fibre with a wavelength ( ) of 1310 nm and transmits them by means of a single coaxial cable to the terrestrial and IF band. Equipped with an indicator light to show the input levels of the optical signal. Each band has a gain control and a variable equaliser. As they are independent they facilitate level adjustment. Fed by a built-in power supply.

Large-scale collective terrestrial and satellite TV installations in which, due to their topology, it is not possible to perform the distribution using coaxial cable. The receivers act as distribution or head-end devices in those points from which the signal will be distributed via coaxial cable.

Manufactured in zamak with a galvanized cover to obtain maximum shielding. Separate housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. F-type connectors for the input of the TV signals in the terrestrial band and the satellite IF band. Female SC/APC connector for fibre optic.

Technical specifications

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