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Modular amplifiers for terrestrial TV


Kod 9050023

Model ZG-412

Seriler 905

Multichannel amplifier for the UHF band designed to work with a group of adjacent channels. Each module permits the amplification and equalisation of two to four channels. The level of the group of channels can be adjusted but not each channel independently. High gain and output level. The initial channel of the group should be specified in the order.

Large digital and analogue terrestrial MATV installations where adjacent analogue or digital channels exist. Recommended for use in areas of reception where the relation in levels between analogue and digital channels is constant. Normally used to amplify one analogue channel along with several digital channels.

Each module consists of a three-stage input filter, an amplifier and an output filter which is three-stage, the filters are cavities. Filters remain highly stable with variations in temperature. Attenuator using an active MOSMIC regulator reduces the noise figure. 30dB multiturn attenuator. Switch to supply power to preamplifiers with protection against short circuits.

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