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Multiband amplifiers


Kod 9040257

Model CAD-814

Seriler 904

High selectivity programmable amplifier to filter, convert and equalize up to 32 terrestrial channels. It allows 1 or 2 outputs with equal output levels. It also has a broadband amplifier for 1 satellite polarity. Ideal for home TV distribution or MATV/SMATV systems.

Programmable amplifier with 4 UHF/BIII/DAB inputs, 1 FM/BI input and 1 SAT input. LTE700 compatible. The SAT input is cable of supplying power to the LNB or let it pass through from the user's SAT receiver. Its 32 digital filters are easy to program thanks to the LCD 32-digit display with keyapd and autosettings option. In addition, thanks to the Automatic Gain Control of the amplifier we can obtain a stable output level, which can be adjusted to our needs, without worrying about input signal fluctuations. Moreover the chassis made of zamak gives the amplifier the maximum shielding and sturdiness.

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