Le défi

This residence serves 144 beds in 84 rooms, and requires an efficient, robust and IP nurse calling system that covers the entire room area, with centralized management of notices and simplicity for greater efficiency of staff and greater satisfaction of residents.

La solution ALCAD

ACCURO, ALCAD's 100% IP nurse calling system, can be found in this residence with CHC-231 touch screens flush mounted in the wall of each room, pull-cords in its built-in bathrooms and hallway light signaling above doors. Likewise, handsets have been installed with their corresponding bed units to make it easier for the residents to keep in contact with the assistance personnel, checkpoints for said personnel and RFID readers in the rooms. It has our IP video intercoms in all points of entry to the center, and our wanderer control system in all its outputs. With this solution, the residence of reference La Rosaleda has a current and future system; expandable, modular and scalable for future innovations of the ALCAD brand and third parties.

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