Multiband amplifiers


Code 9040042

Model CF-715

Serie 904

Broadband distribution amplifier for terrestrial TV available in different output levels. It amplifies the return path, and is available in different frequencies according to the model. It has a gain control and slope control. Fed by a built-in switching power supply. The input and output test point permits the checking and adjustment of the installation without having to disconnect the TV signal.

Used as a distribution amplifier in large community installations or cable networks. It can be used as a line amplifier in small cable networks.These installations commonly have long runs of cable which attenuate and unbalance the signal. The channels with higher frequencies attenuate more. The distribution amplifiers compensate this loss with the equaliser and amplify the channels adding as little noise as possible.

Made from zamak and galvanised plate for maximum shielding. Separate housings for the power supply unit and the high frequency circuit. F type connectors, located on the lower part to help with the installation.


Technical specification

Technical specifications

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