Code 9130021

Model MU-621

Serie 913

Multiswitches for 4 polarities and terrestrial TV with 4, 8 or 16 outputs, for installations in cascade. The inputs of the 4 polarities and the terrestrial TV are amplified. The tap outlets are amplified on the IF satellite band. Power must be supplied from the inputs or the through outputs to feed the built-in line amplifiers. Must be powered from each individual receiver to feed the switching and amplification of each tap output. To feed the active multiswitches, the FU-513 power unit is used; it is connected to the AU-620 amplifier of the cascade.

Medium-sized to large MATV and SMATV installations. Enables distribution to up to 120 TV outlets in a single line, with power supplied only at the head-end of the cascade. By dividing the installation into lines of 120 outlets and distributing the 4 polarities and the terrestrial TV to all the lines, it is possible to reach more than 2,000 outlets. Distribution in cascade from the first multiswitch, with 5 coaxial cables between multiswitches and a single coaxial cable to each TV outlet. For each outlet, the multiswitch distributes a satellite polarity as well as the terrestrial TV. The polarity is selected from the individual receiver using the LNB control signals.

Return path included from 5 to 65MHz. Shielded zamak chassis with plastic supports. F-type connectors. Distances of more than 75m between multiswitch and outlet. Up to 100 terrestrial TV channels.

Technical specifications

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