Tap-offs and splitters-Shielded Outlet units & access points


Code 9060036

Model FI-243

Serie 906

Splitters for terrestrial and satellite TV which cover frequencies up to 2,400 MHz. They distribute all the input signal in equal parts to their outputs. Models FI-243 and FI-473 are specially designed to work with the return path. The response of the outputs is flat. Available in 2 or 4 outputs and with different isolation values between outputs.

SMATV installations with a star-shaped distribution or to distribute the TV signal to the different branch lines in a tree or star-shaped distribution. The different outputs are better isolated with splitters with higher isolation and prevent problems of one area from affecting other areas of the distribution.

Voltage blockage in the outputs. Shielded zamak chassis and metal plate. Connectors on the lower part to facilitate the connections. Reduced dimensions. It can be installed in a 100x100 mm box.


Technical specification

Technical specifications

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